Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blake Turns 4!!

My favorite little bonus child turned 4 years old today, I have to keep repeating that, he is 4 years old now. It sounds so much older than 3 to me for some reason. He is quite the little man.

Blake's requests for birthday presents included an iron man, batman, and spiderman cake, Lego "guys" he calls them, guys in general (any action figure is what he means), oh and did I mention Lego guys? As he said, "Megan target has a bunch of them." He is always so helpful!

He directed my mother in law to look at, spelled out the web address and everything for her. The little man knows what he wants. Such a smart little boy.

We leave for Iowa tomorrow afternoon, and he will be picking us up at the airport. Cannot wait to see him, it FEELS like it has been FOREVER!

Cannot think of a better way to spend the weekend, eating an iron man cake and playing with legos! Life is good.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Baby Shopping

So glad it is finally the weekend!! I was exhausted by Friday, so off to bed at around 9pm I went. Feeling much better today, after working out this morning I ran some errands and finished buying a couple items for my friend's baby shower later today.

I went to this sports store because I wanted to get some baby OU stuff, and found some really cute outfits. Then I found a pink newborn knit beanie and I had to purchase it. I figure I will find out next week and probably should have bought the maroon version, but the pink one was just too cute and too tiny not to purchase.

Looking at baby stuff is so much fun, especially when you know you have one on the way. I have resisted buying anything for peanut, I am waiting to confirm she is a girl on March 2nd. They were pretty sure at 13 weeks peanut was going to be a girl, but after hearing stories from people etc. I just want to confirm it at 21 weeks before I go girl crazy.

Why is it that being pregnant makes you have crazy dreams? I keep dreaming peanut is a boy, and then Cam likes to try and plant doubt because he thinks its funny to watch me start to worry about it. He knows I want a girl, and I know he wants a boy, so on March 2nd we will confirm one of us is getting what we want. Don't get me wrong, we both hope peanut is a healthy happy baby and will love peanut no matter what he/she is, but we still have our preferences and I am hoping I end up right!

Looking forward to the baby shower later today, and then we are going to dinner with some friends of ours. Looking forward to some good Mexican food!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Blog Design

I finally got my blog background updated, amen! So much fun finding a background and playing with blogger. I had a hard time making a decision so I will probably play with it some more, but now with little peanut on the way I need to get this blog in shape!! Super excited and hoping I can keep up with it better than I have been.

What did we ever do before blogging or facebook??

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

20 Weeks

I am halfway through my pregnancy and cannot believe how fast time has flown. I know the remaining 20 weeks are going to be more intense then the first but I have to say its hilarious how many times I have felt little peanut kick me while writing this post. It just makes me smile, and sometimes I forget I am pregnant until I feel that kick, or look down and see my growing belly.

The second trimester has been a dream, and I am loving it. I have the best fingernails I have ever had, I keep trimming them and they grow back in what seems like a day. I love my growing figure and am excited to finally be looking somewhat pregnant. I could do without the extra back fat but it can't all be perfect right? I have gained 7 lbs in my 20 weeks, and my appetite has increased by 100. I think I could out-eat my husband on any given evening and he is 6ft 4in, and out weighs me by about 100 lbs.

I am trying to eat healthy choices on most days, but there are some days the cravings take over and I end up eating a cheeseburger with fries, finished up by girl scout cookies. I can't help it!! Don't judge!

We get to confirm little peanut is a girl on March 2nd, and all the sudden I have started fearing she is going to be a he, and all my dreams of pink and dresses are going to be put on the back burner. Either way I will be excited, and love this little peanut but am hoping peanut is a girl.

Life really couldn't get any better, I have the most amazing husband, I love my family, my job is going great, and in four months I will get to meet the little one growing inside of me. It is so funny to be at work, trying to focus on a conference call and feel bam, bam, bam inside your stomach. I know as she gets bigger I will only feel those kicks more and more. It is so crazy to me, such a miracle.

I am trying to decide if we should do the 3D sonogram, has anyone had one done? They seem really cool, my doctor doesn't do them so I need to find someone in Dallas or north Dallas who would do it. I will keep you posted what we find out on March 2nd!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vista 2011

I can now say I am the proud owner of the new Uppababy Vista 2011 stroller and I love it, or will love it anyway, once the baby is here and its out of the box! :)

I did a TON of research on stroller stuff and after trying them all out, and visiting the stores, Cam and I decided to get the Uppababy but of course he wasn't sold on the price. Then like magic I was emailed a coupon to lonestar baby for was perfect!

I called and confirmed the coupon applied to this stroller, but we had to purchase it by Jan 31st so we went today at lunch and got it!

I love it, and cannot wait to put little peanut in her bassinet and walk her around the neighborhood while I am off work! Or if she allows us, we will go shopping! The most crazy thing about this stroller is that (if you purchase the extra parts) you can have 3 kids on this stroller at once! Insane. We got the red color (called the Denny), although we loved the new blue/grey color they have out. I just love red and knew I wouldn't get tired of it, plus its more gender neutral so incase there is a baby fletcher #2 it could work for either sex.

I am so excited right now! Is it sad that a baby stroller can make me this happy? I am such a nerd when it comes to gadgets and such, as Cam says, doing baby item research has become my new thing.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Well as most of you know Cam and I are expecting a little baby girl July 14, 2011. I am beyond excited. I know Cam wanted a boy (don't they all!) but I really wanted to have a girl. Every time I go shopping for Blake and see all the cute girl clothes vs the small boys section I wish I could dress Blake in girls clothes. Not really, but once little peanut is here I will love that I can now shop in both sections.

Anyway I have been doing a ton of research, reading a ton of information but wanted to reach out to all my mommy friends and get advice on must haves, great buys, and things I need in order to survive the baby stage.

I also would love some input on good books to read for sleeping habits, and any advice on what to expect is very much appreciated!

I am 16 weeks and finally feeling better. I didn't realize it until this past weekend when all of the sudden I couldn't get full, no matter what I ate or how much, I was starving. Up until this weekend I hadn't had much of an appetite, and food wasn't something I looked forward to, I have a feeling that has now changed.

I am nervous about being a full time mom, but really excited God has blessed us with this little miracle. Since I am the planner type I am trying to get all the big decisions figured out early. We found a daycare we love for little peanut, and I will be putting down a deposit this week to reserve a place for her. We visited at least 10 or so different daycares, and as it gets closer I am going to interview with some in-home care options but since they can't determine their schedule until it gets closer I want to have the daycare as a backup. I am lucky to get 3 months off for maternity leave, and am really looking forward to bonding with little peanut, and getting that time just the two of us. While I know it will not be easy to go back to work, working is something I also very much enjoy so I felt like if I could find a place that would care for peanut as much as I would, and a place she and I loved, then it would be a good fit. The daycare we found was ranked the #1 daycare in the metroplex for 2010 and while it is expensive you can see why. The infant teachers were amazing, and the babies and older kids just really seemed to love being there. It had such a warm, home feel to it, it really fit all the things Cam and I were wanting in a daycare.

As an added bonus they will also be able to have Blake for the six weeks he spends with us in the summer so that will be nice to have both kids at the same place.

We found a great deal on baby furniture in a model home sale, we have gotten some great buys on craigslist, and things are really coming together. Later we will register for baby items but in the mean time we are going to start working on the nursery and getting things in order.

Hopefully now that we have more going on, I can keep this blog updated!

Friday, December 17, 2010

9 Days

I know I haven't been very good about keeping up with this blog, mainly there hasn't been too many things of interest to put on here, and I have been busy lately. It seems I have been traveling a lot recently, Iowa over Thanksgiving, Kansas City for one of my best college friend's bachlorette party, then some work trips. I have to go to Houston on Monday and Tuesday next week, and am dreading all of the holiday travelers at Hobby, I know it is going to be insane. Why someone would want to set up a meeting the week of Christmas is beyond me but at least I will get it overwith and so far do not have any travel plans in the month of January, hooray!

I cannot believe Christmas is around the corner, Cam and I have some very special news to share but I will save that for a later post. We get to see Blake in 9 days!! Cam is flying up to Iowa, and will be flying him back to Texas so we get to spend the holidays at our home. I am beyond excited to be able to have him at our house, plus we get to avoid the extremely cold winter Iowa is currently having right now. While I will miss my in-laws (I really have the best!) I am excited to be in Texas, and looking forward to having my family over for "our" Christmas on Dec 27th. Blake is at such a fun age and I think he is really going to like his gifts and what Santa has brought him.

Cam and I are so lucky to have such great parents, and I know my parents are really excited to get to see Blake! We have big plans over our Christmas break, we will also be taking a family road trip to Tulsa, OK for New Years to attend my BF's wedding. Lots of fun things to come, love getting to see old friends and catching up.

We got to webcam with Blake last night while he was at Cam's parents house, and it was great to see his face. Super excited to have our little guy with us, and have a family Christmas this year in Texas!

Wishing everyone else a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! Maybe in 2011 I will be better at blogging! :)